The new 6.4-liter diesel engine in Ford Motor Co.'s revamped Super Duty pickup costs about $1,600 more than the 2006 model, Automotive News reports. The price increase is a result of Ford's decision to add high tech features, such as piezo electric fuel injectors, and government-required emissions equipment that lowers tailpipe pollutants. Replacing the troublesome hydraulically operated fuel injection system that caused Ford to spend millions in warranty repairs, the new fuel injection system is a high-pressure common rail set-up, according to Automotive News. The exhaust system has a diesel particulate filter, which traps the soot and ash that comes from diesel fuel. The diesel engine, built by Ford's longtime supplier, International Truck and Engine Corp., is available in all Super Duty trucks. In 2006, the diesel option cost $5,300 but increases to $6,895 in 2007.