In an effort to provide clients with the most efficient logistics solutions and transportation services, AmeriFleet Transportation announces the debut of its Real Time Tracking system. The Real Time Tracking system is anticipated to change the face of the industry by setting a new standard to provide clients with real time information regarding the pick up, transport and delivery of their fleet vehicles. Slated to roll-out mid-January, AmeriFleet will supply the new tracking program to DOT and CDL Service Delivery Professionals. The program will be operable system wide and in the hands of the entire AmeriFleet driver network by the end of March 2007. Current protocol calls for the Service Delivery Professional to pick up a vehicle, fill out a paper condition report and then locate a fax machine to submit the paperwork. The new system provides Service Delivery Professionals with a hand-held device that allows them to instantaneously submit information electronically, resulting in transmission of this data on a real time basis. Utilizing GPS software, the Real Time Tracking system moves away from a standard industry practice of vehicle centric tracking to now focus on tracking exclusively via the driver. "The Real Time Tracking system was developed in response to meeting our client's growing need for receiving vehicle transport information faster and more efficiently than ever before," said Juan Perez, Vice President Operations, AmeriFleet Transportation. "The new system is yet another step forward to offering the most technologically advanced and unparalleled solutions possible in the industry today, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional customer service." About AmeriFleet
Founded in 1997, Alpharetta, Georgia-based AmeriFleet Transportation provides total logistics solutions and transportation services to the fleet management and corporate fleet industry. Through more than 16 company-owned North America locations, AmeriFleet provides the industry's most consistent high-quality transportation and ancillary services to its clients which include some of the largest fleet management/leasing companies and self managed corporate fleets in the U.S. and Canada. For more information visit