Kelley Blue Book ( and Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research's latest report series, Brand Watch, reveals that in the pick-up truck segment, more in-market truck shoppers are considering the purchase of a domestic truck than an import brand, with Chevrolet's consideration topping the chart at 56 percent, Ford at 44 percent and GMC at 38 percent. Brand Watch also collects data on consumer loyalty, or repurchasing the same brand of vehicle currently owned. GMC topped the rankings in loyalty among truck owners. Chevrolet and Toyota tied for second place at 40 percent, while Dodge and Ford tied for third place in the loyalty rankings. Brand Watch solicits the opinions of truck intenders regarding 13 different attributes associated with choosing a vehicle and asks shoppers to not only rank them in importance, but also rate each manufacturer on the importance of that factor. Durability and fuel efficiency rank as the two most important factors among truck considerers at 72 percent and 58 percent, respectively. In both categories truck shoppers claimed that the two top brands with those features are Toyota and Honda, with Toyota being perceived as the leader in durability and Honda perceived as having the best fuel efficiency. GMC comes in a close second in both of these attribute categories and is perceived as having the most new fuel system technologies. Driving comfort, towing and driving performance are also rated as important factors for truck considerers. Among those categories Chevrolet ranks tops in driving comfort and driving performance while Ford takes the top spot for towing capacity. Chevrolet receives top recognition on the highest number of factors overall, including driving comfort, driving performance, interior layout/design, and available options. General Motors' products also place high for exterior styling and design among truck intenders. For sales inquiries on any vehicle segment or brand, contact Kelly Gim, director of marketing research services at 949-268-2756 or via e-mail at