Twenty percent of British company car drivers spend more than 11 days a year sitting in traffic, according to a new survey from the U.K.'s RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Foundation and released this week. Most drivers waste between one or two hours per week stuck in congestion, and almost one third of the drivers are resolving to spend less time travelling for work in 2007, according to survey results. Three in ten company car drivers say concern for the environment already makes them drive less. Forty percent of company car drivers would welcome greater encouragement of home working and 25 percent would like to see more flexible working hours to help them avoid congestion. However, over 50 percent of companies are 'not at all' supportive of drivers taking up flexible working practices such as working from home, online working or using public transportation. Out of all the environmental and time saving initiatives available to businesses, online working, followed by low car emission purchasing and home working were the most likely to be adopted by a company. The survey also revealed that 10 percent of company car drivers admitted to have previously fallen asleep at the wheel. Falling asleep at the wheel is the cause of around 20 percent of accidents on long journeys and the greatest risk of falling asleep at the wheel is between midnight and 6 a.m. The RAC Foundation urges companies responsible for fleets to ensure that their drivers do not put themselves at increased risk by driving long hours or skimping on rest breaks.