According to Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research’s Brand Watch, Nissan was sited for exceptional exterior styling of its sedans– besting all contenders including import-brand sales leaders Honda and Toyota. Ford's trucks and SUVs are perceived as having the best exterior stylishness among active shoppers in those categories. Domestic brands took the top spots for exterior styling in the truck segment with GMC second, Chevrolet in third and Dodge in fourth – putting import truck brands Toyota in fifth place, Nissan in eighth place and Honda in eleventh place. In four of the seven segments, import brands were perceived by consumers as having superior styling. BMW took the top slot among consumers regarding exterior styling for both luxury SUVs and luxury sedans. In both luxury segments and the convertibles/sports cars category, active shoppers placed Mercedes-Benz in the top three, although the German luxury brand did not rank number one in any of the categories. Porsche, Lexus and Infiniti also garnered top-three finishes in various categories. Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Study: Exterior Styling Convertibles/Sports Cars: 1. Porsche 2. Mercedes-Benz 3. Jaguar Trucks: 1. Ford 2. GMC 3. Chevrolet Minivans: 1. Dodge 2. Toyota 3. Honda Luxury SUVs: 1. BMW 2. Lexus 3. Mercedes-Benz Non-Luxury SUVs: 1. Ford 2. Toyota 3. GMC Luxury Sedan: 1. BMW 2. Mercedes-Benz 3. Infiniti Non-Luxury Sedan: 1. Nissan 2. Honda 3. Toyota For more information, visit