SmartDrive Systems Inc, a driver risk management system and services provider, recently announced that it has completed a full fleet deployment at McBride Electric, a nationwide electrical contractor. SmartDrive rapidly installed and deployed its safety platform to all 14 McBride locations nationwide. McBride’s entire fleet of vehicles is now outfitted with SmartDrive. SmartDrive’s service offers hardware and software solutions that capture onboard video events of problematic driving incidents. The product then provides professional review and driver retraining and improvement from these incidents through a Web-based portal service that is accessible anywhere, anytime by fleet managers and company executives. SmartDrive provides McBride with custom vehicle utilization data including: speed, daily mileage, hours of use and other maintenance and usage data. SmartDrive mitigates risk by improving driver behavior and assessing liability in collisions. By combining sight and sound, event analysis and driver remediation, SmartDrive's automated event recorder technology and associated Web-based service reduces vehicle damages, workers' compensation and personal injury costs, the company reports. For more information, visit