Chrysler and Chinese automaker Chery have partnered together in an effort to release the first Chinese cars to U.S. dealerships in 2009. U.S. industry analysts estimate a version of the Chery A1 to sell for about $10,000 in the U.S. market, according to the Detroit Free Press. The partnership was first announced last winter, and officially approved by the Chinese government at a ceremony this July. In accordance with the deal made between the two companies, Chrysler is now allowed to sell Chery-made vehicles around the world under the Chrysler nameplate. Despite initial claims by Chery’s president that the car would be sold in the $7,000 price range, analysts believe additional features and content expected by American consumers would raise the sticker price up to $10,000. Chery and Chrysler are still deciding which specific vehicles will be part of the partnerships.