On Aug. 17, CARB proposed that all trucks built before 2007 are retrofitted to reduce nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions , reports Transport Topic News. Erik White, a member of CARB stated, “Our expectation is that pre-1994 trucks would be replaced by 2009.” The regulation would force an estimated 80,000 trucks off the road, according to Transport Topic News. Some argue the ruling could “put small trucking companies out of business” due to the high price it would cost companies to either replace, or retrofit, their vehicles. Retrofits are estimated between $8,000 and $20,000 a truck. During a series of public meetings, trucking executives have asked CARB to offer more information on how much the regulation will cost the trucking industry. By law, CARB is required to release a study to gauge the effects of any projected regulation on the industries it would affect. CARB stated that the estimate on how much the regulation would cost the trucking industry would be released before the regulation is finished.