Edmunds’ Inside Line, Edmunds.com’s online car magazine, announces the winners of its first Editors’ Most Wanted Awards. The awards are selected by Edmunds’ Inside Line editors who tested 268 vehicles during the past year and chose one winner for each of the following needs: speed, luxury, hauling, commuting and family. Additionally, the editors selected an “Instant Classic.” This year’s winners are: Luxury: 2008 Audi S5– “The 2008 Audi S5 grabs people by the neck and makes them pay attention,” says Michael Jordan, Edmunds’ Inside Line executive editor. “It has the commanding presence of a BMW 6 Series, runs with the Audi RS4 sedan and sits there at the same price as the Mercedes CLK.” • Hauling: 2008 GMC Sierra Denali – “Think of the Sierra Denali as the perfect truck for the contractor who actually loves his job and happens to have hit the Lotto. And just bought a boat,” says John Pearley Huffman, Edmunds’ Inside Line contributing editor. • Commuting: 2008 Mazda3 – “Bottom line, the Mazda3 is Edmunds’ Inside Line Editors Most Wanted Award winner because it offers a driving experience far beyond expectations and, more importantly, beyond its price tag,” says Josh Jacquot, Edmunds’ Inside Line senior road test editor. • Speed: 2008 Porsche 911 GT3 – “The GT3 provides world class performance just a couple of short steps removed from that legendary racing iron, and it does so in a package accessible to mere mortals,” says Dan Edmunds, Edmunds’ director of vehicle testing. • Family: 2008 Honda Odyssey – “With an interior that would make a Bentley blush and road manners not found in many sedans, the Odyssey claims the top spot,” says Huffman. • Instant Classic: 2008 Audi R8 – “The Audi R8 successfully extends the automaker’s model line beyond coupes and sedans into the realm of the pure fantasy machine. The fact this car makes you dream about the long-term commitment just makes the whole fantasy that much more exciting,” says Kevin Smith, Edmunds’ editorial director. For more information, click here.