SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has formed a strategic partnership with the Center for Transportation Safety (CTS), a provider of risk management and training solutions for drivers. The CTS program covers vehicles of all sizes, including cars and light trucks, delivery vehicles, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, specialty tractor-trailers, and forklifts.

The training provided by CTS — including simulator, classroom, behind-the-wheel, and mobile training — will become part of PHH Collision PreventionSM, PHH Arval’s risk and safety program that is designed to create a crash-free culture and reduce accident rates by as much as 40 percent. CTS’ training, including its simulators, can be accomplished at the client’s site, a field location or one of CTS’ sites.

PHH Collision Prevention identifies drivers who are most at risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. The program offers targeted online training for these drivers to prevent accidents from happening.

CTS has also partnered with the National Safety Council and provided services to numerous corporations and government entities, as well as industries such as private truck fleets, law enforcement, construction, and oil services. According to CTS, its curriculum of instructor-led, behind-the-wheel, online, and simulator based training has shown a reduction in accidents of 12 percent to 54 percent with increased driver retention and lower driver turnover.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet