August 2008 marks FleetCards USA's first year of operation. Using its exclusive online FleetMatch system as well as speaking with customers one-on-one, FleetCards USA has helped over 20,000 businesses find a supportive fleet card program leading to savings on fuel costs, maintenance expenses and administrative hours, the company reports.

"Fleet cards can provide a quick and easy solution for companies looking to reduce their overhead costs," says Mike Noles, president of FleetCards USA. "FleetCards USA is dedicated to finding the right fleet card for any business of any size. In our next year of business, we will continue to forge relationships with major fleet card providers to increase the FleetCards USA offerings, as well as provide customers with the greatest in fuel savings in the industry."  

FleetCards USA provides an impartial, consultative sales approach to selecting the right fleet card for businesses, large and small, in the public or private sector.

"Many companies are aware of the great cost savings a fleet card program can bring, but just don't know where to find the right offering for them," says Noles. "FleetCards USA was created to provide those companies with recommendations and education. We promote an array of cards, such as BP, CITGO and Fuelman, all with their own unique strengths."
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