Fitzgerald Auto Malls has been selected as one of only six car dealers in the US to offer exclusive Hymotion L5 Plug-In Prius Conversion Modules from A123Systems. These modules allow the dealership to convert Prius hybrid vehicles into plug-in hybrids capable of 150+ MPG.

“We are excited to offer our customers more options to help moderate the effects of high fuel costs,” says Fitzgerald Auto Malls Chairman and Founder Jack Fitzgerald. “The Hymotion Plug-in conversion option is one of the latest and best options I’ve seen come along. Alternative fuel vehicles and increasing the fuel efficiency of automobiles are the future of the industry.”

A123Systems officially announced that Fitzgerald Auto Malls was selected as a Certified Hymotion Installation Partner (CHIP) in June 2008. There’s been tremendous customer response. “The (Hymotion) pack is doing great,” says A123 conversion customer Jay Groh. “I can constantly get 200+MPG or more on my normal commute to work and back. Of course my commute to work is about 11 miles so that helps out a lot.”

The first six Green CHIP dealers are:

Boston: Westboro Toyota

Washington, DC: Fitzgerald’s Lakeforest Toyota

Minneapolis: Denny Hecker Automotive Group

Denver: Burt’s Hybrid Conversion

San Francisco: Green Gears/Pat’s Garage

Seattle: Green Car Company

In April, A123Sytems attended the Fitzgerald Auto Malls’ Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo in Gaithersburg, MD.

At this exclusive event A123Systems representatives showcased a Hymotion plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and received a great response from local and state representatives, as well as customers.

In May 2007, Fitzgerald Auto Malls’ Maryland dealerships became the first automobile dealerships in America to become “Green Power Partners” with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to adopting alternative power, Fitzgerald also employs an ambitious recycling program that re-uses over 64% of waste generated by the company. Salvaging metal, tires, oil, batteries, antifreeze and transmission fluid, Fitzgerald recycled over 4 million pounds of waste in 2007. Most recently, Fitzgerald became the first automotive dealership group to achieve ISO 14001certification for their proprietary Quality Environmental Management System.