BMW is currently working on a new system which will help drivers who lose control of their vehicles due to health-related issues, according to 

The new system, called Emergency Stop Assist, is geared towards the elderly and others with medical problems; however, the company maintains that it will be beneficial for others who are not among those groups. 

Using sensors, positioning data and other data, BMW's Emergency Stop Assist will determine whether a driver is not reacting to a potential crash. By chance the driver is not reacting appropriately, the technology switches on the vehicle's hazard lights and moves the vehicle to the side of the road before shutting the engine down completely. At the same time, an emergency call is sent out with the information necessary to initiate medical and traffic-related assistance. 

The company says studying pupil dilation is a good idea to determine what condition a driver is in; thus, BMW is looking into methods to monitor a driver's eyes, possibly with the use of cameras. 

Additionally, Emergency Stop Assist will feature core controls that are already employed in some BMW models, such as land departure warnings, active cruise control and blind spot assistance. 

In addition to BMW, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz are working on similar systems that make sure a driver isn't losing attention while driving.