DEARBORN, MI - Ford Motor Company and Serotta Competition Bicycles have developed a high-tech mobile bicycle "fitting room" for the 2010 Ford Transit Connect, which will be toured across the country starting in early 2010.

The Ford-inspired MeiVici AE, Serotta's first fully custom, full-carbon aero-profile bicycle was among the 2010 bicycles the company showcased at the 2009 Interbike trade show in September. Early next year, the Ford Transit Connect and its mobile fitting room will be presented across the country at trade shows and bicycle dealerships to "fit" bicyclists to the proper bicycle according to their fitness level, size, posture and flexibility.

Outfitted with bicycle fit technology such as the Serotta Size Cycle, an adjustable bicycle fitting device, and DartFish 3D, motion-analysis software, the Transit Connect will also carry up to eight bicycles.

"The Ford Transit Connect is a perfect vehicle for the bicyclist and we're proud to be part of this partnership," said Len Deluca, director, Ford Commercial Trucks. "Transit Connect is purpose-built for the small business owner. And we know from early sales that personal-use customers are interested in Transit Connect for sport and recreation as well."

"Many people associate riding a bike with sore bottoms and sore backs," said Pariac McGlynn, director of applied science for Serotta. "Our fitting room serves as a high-tech lab, where we can do motion analysis of a cyclist to ensure he or she has the right bicycle and fit."

"A mobile bicycle fit lab opens up a new world of dealer and consumer engagement for Serotta," said company founder and owner Ben Serotta. "One-on-one bicycle fit demonstrations and test ride opportunities allow us to connect with our customers like never before. Ford's approach to user-specific design aligns perfectly with our custom, hand-built, made-in-the-USA commitment and enables us to take our process - and our brand message - on the road."

The Transit Connect has gained popularity among a number of small businesses this year, including Illinois-based landscape company Ambius and Mancuso Florists in Michigan.

The automaker said a fully electric Transit Connect model will debut in 2010.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet