Networkfleet Inc., a provider of wireless fleet management services, introduced a simple, one plug installation for its Networkfleet 4200 GPS vehicle tracking system. Most GPS tracking systems require wire splicing for installation in light-duty vehicles, but the Networkfleet 4200 plugs directly into the OBD-II diagnostic port, making installation quick and easy.

"In keeping with Networkfleet's goal to provide a low cost, simple to use wireless fleet management system, we are happy to offer this one plug solution," said Keith Schneider, president and CEO of Networkfleet. "This gives fleet managers the ability to quickly implement GPS tracking so that they can start experiencing the benefits of improved fleet utilization."

The Networkfleet 4200 is designed for fleets that need reliable location tracking, but do not require full engine diagnostics offered by the Networkfleet 3500 wireless fleet management system. The Networkfleet 4200 device can be installed in light, medium and heavy vehicles, and is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles.

Using a light duty harness cable and an adapter for specific vehicle types, both supplied by Networkfleet, the 4200 device can receive power directly from the OBD-II port. The vehicle adapter connects directly to the light duty harness cable for easy, plug and play installation.

The Networkfleet 4200 gives fleets a vehicle tracking system that includes a rugged, automotive-grade device backed by Networkfleet's full service and support. Designed by Networkfleet's experienced telematics engineering group and built in the U.S., the 4200 is tamper evident and hermetically sealed, allowing it to withstand harsh environments.