Kelley Blue Book launches the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicle Value and the new CPO section on its Website for consumer automotive shopping information.

Kelley Blue Book added a CPO Value to its stable of well-known and trusted values as a means to further educate consumers on the value of a certified program and the premium cost associated with a certified vehicle. All of Kelley Blue Book's Values, including the new CPO Values, are updated on a weekly basis to reflect current market conditions.

"Publishing the Kelley Blue Book CPO Values will help promote manufacturer-based certification programs as well as the peace of mind it affords consumers," said Justin Yaros, executive vice president, product design and development, Kelley Blue Book. "The new CPO section on provides comparisons of various manufacturer programs, educating shoppers by showcasing the benefits of each car manufacturer's certified program."

Kelley Blue Book and luxury automaker Lexus have teamed up to assist shoppers in researching and finding certified pre-owned vehicles from all participating manufacturers. "Working together with, an unbiased car shopping site that sees more than 15 million visits each month, provides us with a tremendous opportunity to spread the word about the advantages our CPO program offers to more and more of our customers who are shopping online these days," said Brian Smith, vice president of sales and dealer development for Lexus.

The new CPO section on includes a comprehensive online shopping experience educating consumers on the benefits and value of CPO programs. Assisting shoppers at all stages of the CPO shopping process,'s CPO section offers three areas: CPO Basics, CPO Research and Ready to Buy. In these three areas, consumers can learn what a CPO vehicle is, utilize comparison shopping research tools to discover the program/vehicle that best suits their needs, and view local CPO vehicle inventory listings.

"Many car shoppers have heard the term 'certified' but they aren't sure exactly what that means, let alone if it is right for them or what they should be paying for a CPO vehicle," said James Bell, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "The new CPO section on and Kelley Blue Book's CPO Value take the mystery out of CPO and provide shoppers with all of the tools and advice they need to research and purchase a CPO car."

In the 'CPO Basics' area, car shoppers can read articles from the experts about the benefits of buying a certified vehicle and how it compares to buying a new or used vehicle. Additionally, there is helpful information describing the difference between manufacturer-backed CPO programs versus dealer-offered extended warranty/service contracts. Consumers also can take a quiz to find out what may be best for them: buying a new, used or CPO vehicle.  

In the 'CPO Research' area, shoppers can view a list of all manufacturer CPO programs and compare the programs side-by-side. In this section, shoppers also can research the official Kelley Blue Book CPO Value of a vehicle and see lists of the most popular CPO brands and cars.  

In the 'Ready to Buy' section, site visitors can search for a specific CPO car for sale near them, using the more than 70,000 CPO vehicles listed in the company's comprehensive vehicle inventory section, The Trusted Marketplace. Shoppers also can get articles with specific advice on how to buy a CPO car in this section.