The WiFi router for the Chevy WiFi system.

The WiFi router for the Chevy WiFi system.

DETROIT – General Motors’ Chevrolet brand will provide a WiFi hotspot for the 2012-MY Silverado. Called Chevy WiFi, this system can provide full Internet access to multiple users inside the vehicle and within a 150-ft. radius, around it, according to the automaker. MSRP for Chevy WiFi is $399.

Autonet Mobile provides the router, which runs on 3G and 2.5G cellular networks, and the monthly service.

“We know business doesn’t stop when people are out of the office,” said Dan Tigges, product manager, full-size trucks, and utility vehicles. “Autonet allows them to enhance productivity by seamlessly and conveniently continue doing business at the jobsite.”

The company said the system doesn’t require and special hardware. Passengers can use it while the vehicle is in motion, but the driver can only use it when it’s parked. Content filtering options allow an employer to block objectionable or non-business-related content.

GM also said there are a number of apps available for purchase, including the Find My Car app, which tracks the Silverado’s location. Users can set a geo fence around the vehicle to ensure the driver follows proper routes. If a driver crosses a designated boundary, another user can be designated to receive a notification with a time and date stamp.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet