puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc. on June 5 announced that Fontaine Modification will install puraDYN(R) bypass oil filtration filters when ordered on new trucks before delivery is made to the selling dealer. Fontaine, one of the most recognized upfitters in the country, has four locations: Charlotte, N.C.; Dublin, Va.; Springfield, Ohio; and Louisville, Ky. Under this program the puraDYN system may be installed by ordering through a supporting dealer on a ship-through basis with truck manufacturers Ford, Freightliner, International, Mack (Winnsboro plant only) and Volvo. "This alliance will facilitate the order process for fleets and owner operators who wish to maximize their maintenance dollar by ordering our company's high-efficiency oil filtration system on their new vehicles," said Kevin G. Kroger, president and chief operating officer of puraDYN. "Generally, in an over-the-road trucking operation, and depending on operating policies, the payback on the units can be less than one year." "The ability to help bring cutting-edge technology to the market and to help fleet operators prepare for the more stringent oil filtration requirements due to the new clean air standards is very exciting," said Scott Walters, sales manager for Fontaine Modification in Mt. Holly, N.C. "By offering the puraDYN product line, we can further improve and round out Fontaine's offering to our customers and the manufacturer's customers as well." About puraDYN puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc. manufactures and markets the puraDYN(R) Bypass Oil Filtration System, a unit that continuously filters lubricating oil by reducing solid contaminants down to 0.25 micron, as well as removing liquid contaminants, thereby maintaining the oil's viscosity and greatly reducing or even eliminating the necessity for oil changes, according to puraDYN. As a result of this continuous process, the useful engine life can be extended, according to puraDYN. The company says the puraDYN system is effective for internal combustion engines, hydraulic applications and automatic transmissions in the automotive, transportation, construction, marine, agriculture, mining, military and power generating industries. According to puraDYN, in addition to the economies realized by the reduced purchases of new oil and the costs of disposing of used oil (up to 90 percent) and extended equipment life, the puraDYN Bypass Oil Filtration System has been certified as a "Pollution Preventing Technology" by the California Environmental Protection Agency. For more information on puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc., visit .