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Fleet Management Software

Paradigm Shift: Fleet Management at the Dealership Level

Small fleet clients are now able to take advantage of turnkey fleet management services — and competitive vehicle pricing — at the dealership level that rival the programs offered by fleet management companies.

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Mack Connect Offers Suite of Fleet Productivity Tools

Mack has updated its Mack Connect suite of productivity management tools, which it highlighted during a press briefing at the Mid-America Trucking Show, along with introducing an Anthem truck configurator tool and discussing customer experience surveys.

Gourmet Caterer Hones the Art and Science of Fleet Routing

With a delivery window of a mere 15 minutes, Toronto-based Marigolds & Onions uses fleet routing and scheduling software to manage details such as driving time between routes, details of each stop and time spent, and even food type.

IBM Watson Will Revolutionize Health Care: Can It Be Integrated into Fleet Processes?

At a fundamental level, the fleet management industry is an aggregator of data upon which it executes actions designed to optimize vehicle asset lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal – and to fine-tune operational efficiencies to maximize employee productivity. A cognitive computing platform, such as IBM Watson, would thrive in this type of data-rich environment.

The Future of Fleet Is Managing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

In the next decade, the term "fleet management" will soon become inadequate to fully define the scope of our industry and it will be viewed as an anachronistic label. Today's vehicle connectivity megatrend will be the catalyst of an expanded fleet business model focused on managing a new connected vehicle ecosystem. This fleet ecosystem will encompass not only the vehicle, but also the mobile workers and, more importantly, the work they performed and the tools they use.

Chevin Adds Global Features to Fleet Management Software

Chevin Fleet Solutions has added multiple-currency and other new global features to offer greater support for international organizations and businesses operating across borders, the company announced.

AT&T, Telogis Announce Global Telematics Partnership

AT&T and Telogis have expanded an existing collaboration to provide widespread secure data access for Telogis' suite of fleet software and co-develop new connected services for vehicles around the globe.

Verizon Networkfleet: Using Fuel Cards and Diagnostics

Verizon's Networkfleet fleet management software tracks and verifies fuel card purchases. This video is sponsored by Verizon.

Verizon Networkfleet: Proactive Maintenance

Verizon's Networkfleet fleet management software offers a life-cycle service management suite helps optimize a maintenance schedule. This video is sponsored by Verizon. Learn more at Verizon Networkfleet.

Verizon Networkfleet: Organize Your Fleet More Efficiently

Verizon's Networkfleet fleet management software show detailed information about a fleet's activity and performance. This video is sponsored by Verizon. Visit site to learn more.