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Gas Prices Stabilize at $2.18

Gas prices are at $2.18, maintaining prices that have stabilized for the past few weeks and are currently the same prices as a month ago and are 41 cents cheaper than a year ago.

Gasoline Prices Decline as COVID-19 Cases Increase

As COVID-19 case numbers surpass 4 million, demand for gasoline is weakening across the country. The lower demand contributed to a cheaper national average on the week; this is the first time since late April that the national average has declined.

Gas Prices Inch Up

The national average price for gasoline rose one cent to $2.18, despite a dip in U.S. demand for gasoline.

Gas Prices Reach $2.17 Average

The national average price for gasoline rose to $2.17, following continued increases on gasoline demand, and is up four cents from last week.