Photo: Rinspeed

Photo: Rinspeed

Rinspeed plans on unveiling its Budii autonomous concept at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show in March.

The Swiss design company revealed that the autonomous electric vehicle will also be equipped with a steering wheel that will give the driver or front passenger the option to manually control the vehicle.

“Until now, what we have primarily associated with auto mobility was freedom and individuality. And – consciously or unconsciously – we are prepared to pay a high price in many regards for these privileges. We need only look at the accident statistics,” according to Rinspeed’s founder and CEO Frank Rinderknecht .

Rinspeed hopes autonomous driving technology will aid in reducing the number of traffic accidents.

The Budii is designed to adapt to individual driver preference and habits.

“It will take data from its environment and the ‘experiences’ of other vehicles along its account,” according to Rinspeed.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet