ZAP recently announced it will be introducing a new electric truck for fleets with a greater payload rating.

A prototype of the ZAP XL Truck has been completed and production models are expected for delivery to customers by the fall of this year. In the United States, the XL Truck will meet full Department of Transportation requirements for Low Speed Vehicles with a top speed of 25 MPH.

As part of ZAP's global distribution strategy, the ZAP Truck XL will be designed to meet or exceed government certifications that would allow for distribution throughout most of the world.

ZAP has delivered hundreds of its city-speed vehicle called the Xebra for fleet applications, but fleet managers are also searching for larger electric vehicles that can handle heavier payloads. Both the Xebra and the XL Truck have a two-passenger capacity, but while the payload rating for the Xebra is 500 pounds, the payload for the XL Truck is rated at 770 pounds. The cargo bed of the XL Truck is also larger at 58" long X 53" wide and 11.5" deep.

California-based ZAP has executed an electric vehicle development and worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with a vehicle manufacturer in

China. The two companies began development of the XL Truck last year and have finalized an agreement to enter production.

ZAP is now accepting reservations for the XL Truck at its Web site