ZoomSafer, a provider of software to prevent distracted driving, and SkyGuard, a provider of fleet management systems, have partnered to provide technology solutions to help companies monitor and manage risks stemming from employee use of mobile phones while driving.

The partnership combines ZoomSafer's FleetSafer policy management software with SkyGuard's fleet management system. As a result, companies can proactively and simultaneously encourage employees to utilize company-owned vehicles and company-issued smart phones in a safe, legal and responsible manner.

From now on, when an employee drives a vehicle equipped with the SkyGuard service, his or her smart phone will automatically enter into safe-driving mode thereby eliminating the dangerous temptation to text or e-mail while driving and protecting the employer from crashes, risks and liability.

"Today's businesses are aware of the swiftly increasing risks associated with distracted driving, and many are enacting employee policies to define acceptable use of mobile phones while driving," said Matt Howard, CEO of ZoomSafer. "The combination of FleetSafer and SkyGuard gives corporations a simple and reliable way to combat the increasing dangers associated with distracted driving."

"The simple truth is that mobile phones compete very effectively for our attention in every aspect of life - at home, at work, even when we're driving," said SkyGuard's Chairman, J.D. Power, III. "As a platform for delivering innovative fleet management services, SkyGuard is pleased to partner with FleetSafer to make it easier for government and corporate fleet managers to embrace solutions to prevent distracted driving."