WASHINGTON – A number of sources are reporting that the Obama administration is considering a CAFE standard of 56.2 mpg by 2025, originally reported by The Detroit News. Administration officials met privately with representatives from Detroit’s Big Three automakers to discuss the plan for a CAFE standard for 2025 and determine the associated costs, according to the newspaper. The Wall Street Journal said the number isn’t final and that regulators intend to revise the number over the coming weeks.

Recent news stories reported plans for the 2025 CAFE standard have ranged as high as 62 mpg. In addition, a number of Republican legislators recently sent a letter to the President that pushes for higher fuel economy standards.
“Strong, forward-looking standards for new vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions will provide industry with needed certainty for investment in new technologies while also driving reductions in oil consumption and carbon pollution that fuels climate change,” part of the letter reads.

Signatories to the letter include four former EPA administrators (one under George W. Bush, one under Ford and Nixon, one under George H.W. Bush, and another from the Reagan administration), two former Republican governors, and nine Republican members of congress.

The Detroit News reported that the automakers plan to respond to the administration’s plan in the coming weeks.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet