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Chris Brown's perspective on fleets, mobility, and the business of cars.

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It’s Time to Formulate an ADAS Game Plan

Vehicle parts are no longer only made up of metals and plastics, they now include sophisticated...

As proliferation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increases, skilled labor, equipment, and training costs will increase as well. Fleet operators can’t mitigate these financial burdens by cutting corners on ADAS recalibration and repairs.

Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.

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The Future is Electric, But…

By all accounts, the electric truck market is "pre-commercialization," with models in testing by...

With an increasing emphasis on emissions reductions mandates, will fleet operators get caught between clean technologies on their way out and an electric future that hasn’t yet arrived?

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They’re Coming for Your Diesel

In the Los Angeles basin, 90% of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions comes from...

In Southern California and other parts of the world, regulators are coalescing to ban, or severely curtail, diesel vehicles. There’s a growing disconnect with the mandates to green the environment and the availability of products and technologies to get us there.

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Who Is Winning the Race to Autonomy?

Waymo not only logged the most autonomous testing miles in California in 2018, it also reported...

“Disengagement reports” reveal how many times a human driver had to take control of a driverless car in testing in California. A few well-publicized autonomous players lagged far behind.

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Hey Cannabis Companies, Welcome to Fleet

Fleets serving the cannabis industry transport pounds of marijuana and hundreds of thousands of...

An industry is forming, and it needs help with fleet. In the meantime, the fleet industry should know that these new businesses are navigating extraordinary circumstances, which is forcing them to be better fleet operators pretty darn quick.

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