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Delivery Fleets

Proterra To Supply Batteries For Volta Trucks

A deal with Proterra completes Volta Trucks’s strategic sourcing of its electric powertrain. The venture will lead to production of the all-electric 16-ton Volta Zero commercial truck that can deliver freight inside urban areas.

When Are Fleets Busiest in Aspen?

The Colorado mountain town and 28 commercial fleets are taking part in a pilot that aims to better manage curb space by understanding commercial loading behavior.

Cannabis Fleets: Booming Growth, Growing Pains

As new states open for legal cannabis, the industry faces compliance challenges and a maze of regulations. Cannabis transporters are responding with larger vehicles, refrigeration systems, video telematics, and the CannaCage.

Hiring Drivers: Contract vs. Payroll

Fleet operators looking to use non-employee drivers are well advised to draft a contract with clear lines of responsibilities and allow the contractor to remain in control — with specific issues arising as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.